Operation Beautiful

So today is a busy day, with the local gala being on at one of the local schools. I took this as the perfect opportunity to spread some love ! Participating in Operation Beautiful is one of the items on my Day Zero List and I thought this would be the perfect day to start.

If you have never heard of Operation Beautiful pop over to www.operationbeautiful.com and read how it works. The idea is to spread love on post it notes to boost self esteem and confidence. Write what you want on the post it note and leave in a public place. 

I’ve already left the one written in red in the local supermarket, and plan on leaving the other 3 around the gala today. I have also written one and posted to a friend, which I’m guessing she will work out its from me because of the writing but I thought she would appreciate it.

I would absolutely love to see people’s reactions when they find the little notes but I’m sure as I continue with this I will hear about it, our town is not exactly the biggest !!! I just love the idea of bringing joy and cheer and you never know it may be exactly what the person finding that particular note needed to read that day πŸ™‚


About alittlepieceofme30

I have just turned 30, I am still trying to work out who I am, I thought a blog would help me on my way there. I don't even mind if no-one reads it, this is a great way to get my thoughts down. I aim to write at least 3 times a week :)
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  1. what a fantastic idea!


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