Cross Stitch Me – Part 1

I am definetly a crafty person at heart. I love all crafts and will try most things at least once. Without a doubt however cross stitch is my number 1. Mum taught me to cross stitch when I was a child and it has stuck with me and I have done bits here and there. It is only in the last 2 years though that I have become “serious” about it. 

I have found it helps me when slimming, obviously I need to keep my hands clean when working on a piece so this means no snacking. So if I find myself peckish I pick up my stitching instead of a penguin (remember that advert p-p-p-pick up a penguin ?!!!)

I thought I would show you my set up and how I keep all my bits and pieces organised 🙂 Quite long this one, so I am going to split it into three separate posts. Mainly because I can’t seem to upload all my pics on one post, blog newbie here but I’m guessing it’s because they are too big !!!

This first picture shows how I store all my supplies. I don’t have much storage room in my house (read 1 hall cupboard and no loft !) so I tend to use boxes like these ones. The bottom box has all my threads. I will show you further on how I sort my threads. Middle box is all my started projects plus ones I haven’t started but have all kitted up ready to go when the time comes. The top box holds everything else including extra folders for kitting up, frames, Aida and a couple of boxes of threads that I need to sort through. I recieved these boxes of threads from 2 different sources but they both have the same problem, wound threads but no numbers ! I don’t have time to go through these at the moment so in the top box they stay until some spare time arrives ! 


My mum and I had loads of magazines but with no place to store them, we extracted the patterns we wanted and now store them in these arch leaver binders. I have 4 binders now and the rest of the magazines with charts we didn’t want went to the charity shop.

I have this absolutely beautiful bag that I keep the pieces that I am working on at the moment together in. I just love the fabric it is made with.



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I have just turned 30, I am still trying to work out who I am, I thought a blog would help me on my way there. I don't even mind if no-one reads it, this is a great way to get my thoughts down. I aim to write at least 3 times a week :)
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