Life Got In The Way !

As the title suggests yes it has been exceptionally busy the past 10 days or so, so not even started this blog for a month and I have already not kept up to the write 3 times a week goal I set myself ! I think that when school is on holiday for 7 weeks I shall mostly be writing about what we are getting up to with a few other posts thrown in for good measure.

School finished last week. I completed a goal that I really needed to do but didn’t particularly enjoy. I stood up at the end of term assembly and co-presented gifts to the Primary 7’s that were leaving to go to grammar school. Worst nightmare I am exceptionally shy and at first I didn’t want to do it. But the more I thought about it and discussed it with friends, the more I realised it would be good for me, a step forward and each time I do it I will find it easier. In other news Little Miss recieved a 100% punctuality certificate and also a gold medal in the Commonwealth Passport initiative in Scotland for taking part in active sports. This includes her special needs club and her swimming lessons. Incredibly proud Mumma I am 🙂

We have had some good weather so we ended up at the beach several times, we have been growing butterflies and looking after one of Little Miss’s friends caterpillars when she was on holiday. Little Miss tried out Baton twirling and loved it. Her co-ordination problems didn’t seem to bother her to much as she loves moving to music whether it’s the right moves or not.

image image image

We have started the summer reading challenge at the local library. Little Miss has to read 6 books over the summer and then she will recieve a medal and a certificate in September. Thankfully she doesn’t have to actually read the books she just has to interact to them which means I can read them to her and she can still complete them 🙂

Also been working on her Brownie Booklover badge and her Brownie Adventure badge. She does Brownies through the Scottish Lones scheme as she finds it difficult being a member of an actual unit due to number of people and level of noise so this suits her perfectly. In the last year she has recieved her hostess, gardeners and cooks badges as well as a few stand alone company badges sent through the post by her leader 🙂 I find it fantastic that the badges can be slightly changed to accommodate each child’s ability. Inclusion all the way 🙂


The cross stitch progress was slow as we have been so busy but Cherish Nature is finished, the two baby gifts were not but as it happened the meet up on Friday was cancelled as friend wasn’t feeling well so got some extra time to finish. Cherish Nature went down very well indeed, it was fab seeing her open it and her reaction to it 🙂 I figured as I finished one i could start a new one !!! So started on one called Its All About The Journey. Should be a quick stitch. Will do a post with progress pics this week 🙂



So as you see a very busy week !


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I have just turned 30, I am still trying to work out who I am, I thought a blog would help me on my way there. I don't even mind if no-one reads it, this is a great way to get my thoughts down. I aim to write at least 3 times a week :)
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