Mummy Me

So as I said I want to figure out who I am take time examining each area of my life. My one and most important job to me is being Mumma to Little Miss.  

Little Miss

Little Miss is 9 and has special needs. She has Global Developmental Delay.  This means that she is delayed in most areas of development. She is a 4-5 year old in a 9 year old body. Plus it doesn’t help that she is wearing 12 year old clothes as she is so tall for her age, so people who do not know her very well or strangers when we are out expect a lot more from her than a 9 year old. 
She has frequent melt downs, likes routine, doesn’t sleep at night, sensitivity to noise and dark, needs speech therapy and has some health problems to name a few things. Now you may think that this is an awful situation for both her and I to deal with and yes I agree on her bad days it is super hard work for us both physically and emotionally and with night times always bad it can be very difficult. 

However Little Miss is one of the friendliest little girls you will ever meet, she loves to try and help even though she finds it difficult. She smiles so much and always has a hug to offer. The women in church love seeing her every Sunday and she loves helping to hand out the hymn books as people come in.

She loves arts and crafts and has been working on her own cross stitch with help from me for nearly 2 years, she loves it so much. She loves being read to and loves everything Disney and in particular Frozen at the moment is what she is fixated on.

 Little Miss’s cross stitch eventually it will be a bag, which I will sew together for her.  
 Tea pot she decorated

She is the apple of my eye and changed my life in one of the most beautiful and most spectacular ways. I always worry that I am not the best Mum I can be and constantly trying to find ways to improve but I need to learn to accept that I am exactly what she needs to her I am just Mumma. She doesn’t see me as my weight or my insecurities to her I am just her Mum pure and simple. 🙂 

About alittlepieceofme30

I have just turned 30, I am still trying to work out who I am, I thought a blog would help me on my way there. I don't even mind if no-one reads it, this is a great way to get my thoughts down. I aim to write at least 3 times a week :)
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